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Preparing for the future as an employee

Preparing for interviews and employment was made very clear thanks to Annabel Smoker’s Employability Week that she organised. She showed us insight on how to write out personal statements, C.V.s, and portfolios, and how to compete our online job applications. I was also lucky enough to have gained so much experience within the University from both my roles as NAMSOC President and Faculty Officer (see… Read more »

My final year at uni – GULP!

My final year has been a hectic one because, not only have I had these two roles, but I have also been a 3rd year nursing student with essays, exams, placement and trying to hold down a part time job alongside the course. I’ve had very little time for myself, but luckily, I have made friends with many people around the University, so when I’m… Read more »

My roles as NAMSOC President and Faculty Officer

As NAMSOC President (2013/2014), I managed a great committee. We were the first committee who managed to get sponsors from nightclubs and restaurants to enable students to receive discounts in a variety of different places – we charged a new fee for membership in exchange for a NAMSOC membership card which was a huge success. As a committee we organised charity events such as cake… Read more »

My experience in Malawi. Part Three: I want to go back to Africa

Over the four weeks I was there, I will never forget all the interesting things I witnessed. When working on the wards I gained knowledge in the way the nurses managed a patient’s care, by assessing a patient, how they took basic observations, and how wound care was carried out with the most basic and minimal amounts of equipment. I improved my communication skills, as… Read more »

My experience in Malawi. Part two: resuscitating newborn twins and showing staff the Health Sciences way

When I arrived in Malawi I landed at Kamuzu International Airport which is in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, and the only main airport. I was instantly greeted by friendly happy people such as the taxi driver, who drove me to the hotel I was staying at for the night, before my six hour coach journey to Livingstonia. Also that of the people in the… Read more »

All degree: an historic moment in training for nurses

The start of this new academic year is an historic moment in the continuing modernisation of training for nurses. That is because from this point forward new nurses must complete either a BN or BSc degree in order to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. As somebody who trained as a cancer nurse more than 25 years ago, I warmly welcome this move towards… Read more »