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Lauren: Flying the nest – the end of year three and the beginning of me…

It has been a while since my last blog and much has happened since then. So I thought I’d summarise the last four months, finishing uni, and letting you know my plans for the days ahead. When I wrote back in February I was immersed in my placement. I’m pleased to say the experience was excellent and I achieved a personal best in my final… Read more »

Lauren: Highlights from the first semester

Hi it’s Lauren here. Just thought I’d tell you about a couple of things that stood out for me during my first semester and give you a few tips which may help others along the way. In her previous blog, Jenni mentioned the emerging role placements that us lucky OT’s have been offered this year. I too applied for one of these roles and, along… Read more »

What to expect from the OT course

Hi, we’re Jenni and Lauren, 3rd year Occupational Therapy degree students at Southampton. Jenni’s main OT interest is the use of sensory stimulation with a range of client groups and Lauren’s OT interests are within mental health services.  As we enter our final year of the course we thought we’d tell you what we have learned so far.  So… Year one is all about learning… Read more »