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Back with a bang

It’s happened guys. It’s really happened. The horribly distant third year has actually arrived, and it’s no gentle easing in like we’re used to. But before we get bogged down in all this work, let’s rewind. So I finished my fifteen week placement in Oxford. It was fab! I learnt so much, and feel more confident than I ever have that I can be a… Read more »

One day at a time

I’m still going strong on placement at the moment – just on the last couple of weeks, so I definitely feel pretty at home now in Oxford. Sometimes placement can feel a little bit like you’re plodding away one day at a time, though at others it feels like you’re on fire and really getting somewhere towards being a Cardiac Physiologist. So here’s a rundown… Read more »

Six weeks in…

By the time you’re reading this, I will have finished my sixth week on placement! Last weekend I was back in Southampton for the summer ball where all the nurses, midwives, physios, pods, OTs and healthcare scientists are getting together to celebrate the end of this year.  It was lovely getting to see my course friends and swapping placement tales and horror stories!  And seeing… Read more »

When revision gets too much…

Exams are finished, yay! The sense of relief is amazing. We had one exam on Medical Physics, a second about Cardiac Physiology and our two pieces of research coursework have just gone in, so we’ve only got two essays left to finish and submit. We’re very close now to our academic year finishing and then everyone’s out on placement. But studying and having so many… Read more »

Just another normal day in lectures???

On the Healthcare Science degree, most days in university are just normal lectures. Well…as normal as they get for us. Most of my housemates still can’t get their heads around the fact that I know everyone on my course and that we can easily organise a Christmas jumper day whenever we want to (it has been known to happen)! And we don’t really have such… Read more »

13 Things I’ve learnt in 2013…

Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing Christmas! Semester 1 is starting to draw to a close here in Southampton, and us second year Healthcare Scientists have been busy over the break with our first piece of coursework due for submission in January. We have a lot more coursework to get to grips with this year, which suits some of us,… Read more »

Placements: The good, the bad and the ugly

Placement makes up a huge part of any Health Sciences degree, and in Healthcare Science, we spend 50 weeks on placement over our three years at university. Last year, I had 10 weeks of placement: 2 observational weeks (1 cardiac and 1 respiratory) and then 8 weeks over the summer of proper placement (4 of each specialty). Now that I’ve chosen cardiac physiology, I’ll spend… Read more »

What on earth is Healthcare Science?

Hi! I’m Susannah, and I’m a second-year Healthcare Science student at the University of Southampton. Seeing as Healthcare Science is a profession that few seem to know much about, I thought I’d kick off this blog by explaining what it is. Healthcare Science is – as it says on the tin – all about the healthcare of humans with an emphasis on the science and… Read more »