Reflections on the surrounding environment

Southampton is as culturally and socially vibrant as you would expect from a city with a respected educational institution like the University of Southampton. I’ve found that people of different cultures and social backgrounds adjust easily to the environment here and it’s very easy to get around.

The City has a reliable and systematic transport system including buses, trains and an airport which connect it to other parts of the world. The City’s centre is home to attractive shopping and recreational activities but it’s also surrounded by beautiful places like Winchester and the New Forest which are easy to reach.

Southampton itself is full of natural beauty and has a moderate climate. The temperature here never touches extremes. There are several areas for relaxation like Riverside Park – a large park along the River Itchen which includes football and cricket pitches, tennis courts, skate park and play areas.  Just one of many, these green areas provide a calm and quiet environment with nature-laden views.

All these features make it a great city to live in as a student because to study here you need a lot of creativity and thinking time.  Accommodating people, moderate climate and the opportunity for calmness offers students quality time to challenge themselves in a world-class learning environment.

My own educational journey on the MSc Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care is heading towards intellectual maturity. Currently I’m learning the skills I need to make strategic moves in a competitive world, which is a progression of the skills and knowledge I’ve already taken on board.

Strategic management is just one aspect of learning towards eventually leading an organisation. All the courses here are purposefully designed to tap the undiscovered faculties of our cognition. At this point of personal development, I can confidently say that I made right move to study and the City’s environment definitely supports my learning.

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