My roles as NAMSOC President and Faculty Officer

As NAMSOC President (2013/2014), I managed a great committee. We were the first committee who managed to get sponsors from nightclubs and restaurants to enable students to receive discounts in a variety of different places – we charged a new fee for membership in exchange for a NAMSOC membership card which was a huge success. As a committee we organised charity events such as cake sales for Countess Mountbatten Hospice and the AMECA charity. We also organised socials for the Nursing and Midwifery students to allow them to relax and enjoy themselves. I also made it clear to all students that we weren’t just supporting students socially, but also academically and emotionally. As being a nursing and midwifery student – it can be a tough job!

As Faculty Officer (2013/2014) I was the head of the student representation for all courses within Health Sciences. In this role I had to make sure students’ voices were heard within the Faculty and communicate this with students, as well as academics. This role carries a large amount of responsibility. As Faculty Officer I was fortunate enough to have some great Academic Presidents within each course to support me and to help improve overall student feedback. I got involved in many events, such as organising Student Staff Liaison committee (SSLC) meetings, and Working Supper events which involved students and the lovely Associate Dean of Education Rosalynd Jowett. These meetings were great fun and gave students the chance to be heard and feel supported.

Advice I’d pass on

Both these roles were very demanding and it was difficult to find the time to be Faculty Officer, NAMSOC President and a full time 3rd year student nurse. Needless to say it’s important to have good time management skills as this helps you organise your time effectively, and categorise your time with what is most important.

I would recommend any student who wants to get involved in these roles to be dedicated, because, if you are not dedicated in listening to the students and actually trying to improve overall experience, then you are not going to enjoy it.

I naturally took on the role of Faculty Officer as my academics had said that I was already taking on the role of student representative and they encouraged me to apply for the role. So I think if you have gained academics’ trust, then it will benefit you in the long run as your opinions will be respected.

Benefitting from the experience

I’ve gained many skills from both the roles I undertook. I have learnt the importance of student feedback and seeing how academics work hard to try and improve it. I built a good rapport with not only the academics, but also the students and I also managed to organise it that in SSLC meetings we had a student representative from each course to voice and concerns or praise.

Also I got to work closely with SUSU and made some great friends there. Everyone was very supportive.

Creating opportunities

Being NAMSOC president and Faculty Officer has definitely given me many opportunities. I’ve been involved in the marketing side of our Faculty, where some of my photos from when I went out to Africa were used and I have also been featured on the main University of Southampton homepage for the ambition campaign.  Within my roles, I have also spent a lot of time liaising and negotiating between different parties which will no doubt help with my career.

Thanks for reading!

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