My final year at uni – GULP!

My final year has been a hectic one because, not only have I had these two roles, but I have also been a 3rd year nursing student with essays, exams, placement and trying to hold down a part time job alongside the course. I’ve had very little time for myself, but luckily, I have made friends with many people around the University, so when I’m here it feels like all part of my social life.

Top tips for surviving your dissertation.

Top tips for surviving dissertation have got to be PLANNING and RESEARCHING!  A lot of this went into mine!

Also it’s important to make time for it little and often. It was a very stressful road, but when you started to see your work come together, it was clear to see I was working hard.

Another thing that is also important is to make time to meet with friends to discuss what they have done and bounce ideas off each other. After all you are all in the same boat. Make use of the time you have with your facilitator too, as they are all so knowledgeable and will help you to the best you can.

Finishing the dissertation and knowing I have passed it has made me more able to focus on the placement side of things and what is important. The light can be seen at the end of our final year.

Thoughts from the year

The last year has been fun, as being a third year made me aware of how much I had really learnt since starting in 2011. I really enjoy working with 1st and 2nd year students to teach them skills that I have learnt and give them some tips on future assignments etc.

Support from staff and students

I have been fortunate enough to have had great support from staff and students from the get go. I lost my mum to cancer in our first year and told academics that I wanted to be kept busy and focus on my studies, as I know my Mum would have wanted that. So since then I feel I can go to anyone and ask for help if needed – which in turn makes me feel I can do the same for students at their time of need.

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  1. Ginny Milns

    Well done Katy. I know you’ll make a great nurse. It has been a privilege to meet you. You’ve also encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone as I hope to go away with AMECA next year too. Starting my 2nd year soon. You’ve just given me the inspiration to work harder and defeat my own personal challenges. 🙂


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