Jenni: Emerging placements – my experience

As I may have mentioned before, for my final placement I am on a role emerging placement called the ‘Dementia care initiative’ where I’m trying to bring the mental health needs of those with dementia in hospital into the picture! Being on an emerging role placement is nothing like any placement that I’ve been on before. Prior to starting I was really nervous, often wondering… Read more »

Just another normal day in lectures???

On the Healthcare Science degree, most days in university are just normal lectures. Well…as normal as they get for us. Most of my housemates still can’t get their heads around the fact that I know everyone on my course and that we can easily organise a Christmas jumper day whenever we want to (it has been known to happen)! And we don’t really have such… Read more »

Jenni: Getting all ‘Blue Peter’ on my final year placement…

Well I am on my LAST University placement and the game is really on!   As final year students we are expected to be a lot more independent as we’ll be heading out into the working world in the very near future! I’m on an emerging placement, a ‘dementia care initiative’, working within an acute hospital setting but focused on the mental health needs of those… Read more »

13 Things I’ve learnt in 2013…

Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing Christmas! Semester 1 is starting to draw to a close here in Southampton, and us second year Healthcare Scientists have been busy over the break with our first piece of coursework due for submission in January. We have a lot more coursework to get to grips with this year, which suits some of us,… Read more »

Lauren: Highlights from the first semester

Hi it’s Lauren here. Just thought I’d tell you about a couple of things that stood out for me during my first semester and give you a few tips which may help others along the way. In her previous blog, Jenni mentioned the emerging role placements that us lucky OT’s have been offered this year. I too applied for one of these roles and, along… Read more »

Jenni: Year 3 – here we are!

So here we are, 3rd year OT students settled back into lectures… But it’s not quite what we’re used to! We’re currently in the process of applying for role emerging placements. This is a really exciting opportunity for 3rd year students as it gives us the chance to work independently and show services just how great OT is and what it can do for them…. Read more »

Placements: The good, the bad and the ugly

Placement makes up a huge part of any Health Sciences degree, and in Healthcare Science, we spend 50 weeks on placement over our three years at university. Last year, I had 10 weeks of placement: 2 observational weeks (1 cardiac and 1 respiratory) and then 8 weeks over the summer of proper placement (4 of each specialty). Now that I’ve chosen cardiac physiology, I’ll spend… Read more »

My experience in Malawi. Part Three: I want to go back to Africa

Over the four weeks I was there, I will never forget all the interesting things I witnessed. When working on the wards I gained knowledge in the way the nurses managed a patient’s care, by assessing a patient, how they took basic observations, and how wound care was carried out with the most basic and minimal amounts of equipment. I improved my communication skills, as… Read more »

My experience in Malawi. Part two: resuscitating newborn twins and showing staff the Health Sciences way

When I arrived in Malawi I landed at Kamuzu International Airport which is in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, and the only main airport. I was instantly greeted by friendly happy people such as the taxi driver, who drove me to the hotel I was staying at for the night, before my six hour coach journey to Livingstonia. Also that of the people in the… Read more »