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Superb REF results confirm our world class status

For those of you who don’t yet know, I am proud to announce that we have achieved an absolutely superb outcome in the Research Excellence Framework 2014 assessment, the results of which were published recently. We scored an overall research quality profile of 3.47, with 94% of our research rated as either internationally excellent or world-leading. Within the University of Southampton this was the second… Read more »

Reflections on the surrounding environment

Southampton is as culturally and socially vibrant as you would expect from a city with a respected educational institution like the University of Southampton. I’ve found that people of different cultures and social backgrounds adjust easily to the environment here and it’s very easy to get around. The City has a reliable and systematic transport system including buses, trains and an airport which connect it… Read more »

REF: A new opportunity to benefit from our strengths

Now that we have made our Research Excellence Framework (REF) submission, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our researchers for their hard work and dedication over the past year in particular. Indeed, I am continually both amazed and delighted to find that at Health Sciences we are a community of truly exceptional individuals, who challenge ourselves each and every working… Read more »

Placements: The good, the bad and the ugly

Placement makes up a huge part of any Health Sciences degree, and in Healthcare Science, we spend 50 weeks on placement over our three years at university. Last year, I had 10 weeks of placement: 2 observational weeks (1 cardiac and 1 respiratory) and then 8 weeks over the summer of proper placement (4 of each specialty). Now that I’ve chosen cardiac physiology, I’ll spend… Read more »

My experience in Malawi. Part Three: I want to go back to Africa

Over the four weeks I was there, I will never forget all the interesting things I witnessed. When working on the wards I gained knowledge in the way the nurses managed a patient’s care, by assessing a patient, how they took basic observations, and how wound care was carried out with the most basic and minimal amounts of equipment. I improved my communication skills, as… Read more »

What to expect from the OT course

Hi, we’re Jenni and Lauren, 3rd year Occupational Therapy degree students at Southampton. Jenni’s main OT interest is the use of sensory stimulation with a range of client groups and Lauren’s OT interests are within mental health services.  As we enter our final year of the course we thought we’d tell you what we have learned so far.  So… Year one is all about learning… Read more »

What on earth is Healthcare Science?

Hi! I’m Susannah, and I’m a second-year Healthcare Science student at the University of Southampton. Seeing as Healthcare Science is a profession that few seem to know much about, I thought I’d kick off this blog by explaining what it is. Healthcare Science is – as it says on the tin – all about the healthcare of humans with an emphasis on the science and… Read more »