Monthly Archives: October 2014

Back with a bang

It’s happened guys. It’s really happened. The horribly distant third year has actually arrived, and it’s no gentle easing in like we’re used to. But before we get bogged down in all this work, let’s rewind. So I finished my fifteen week placement in Oxford. It was fab! I learnt so much, and feel more confident than I ever have that I can be a… Read more »

Julio: A Journey from knowledge to practice.

The path for clinicians in management is not a paved road, opposite to other common paths of training and practice. At an early stage as a medicine student, I had many internal conflicts with my formation, I was inquisitive, critical, and unruly towards practices. Early on I noticed this was not as usual as expected amongst my peers. This constant curiosity and disruptive thinking differentiated… Read more »